Number 1 choice for snowmobile rentals in Northern NB
Bathurst, Campbellton, St Quentin

Business Groups

Networking Gettogether
While don't get us wrong, we love a good game of golf as much as anyone else, but it's a bit tough in the winter. Why not take Friday off and take a trip out into mother nature on a snowmobile instead?
Office Outings
Looking to boost morale, or reward your employees after a long successful project? Take them out for a snowmobile ride, they might even have more fun then you! We even offer a Guide Service, click here for more info.
Seal The Deal
Looking for a way to seal a deal with one of your clients? Take them out on a snowmobile run. With plenty of places to stop and talk shop, both you and your client are sure to have a good time, and you're more likely to close the deal quickly and easily!